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So I recently got a Nexus One and, buy earwash dogs following these instructions, buy earwash dogs installed the Android SDK on my Linux system to be able to make screenshots and perhaps learn some Android coding. I enabled usb debugging on the phone and fired up the Dalvik Debug Monitor. Buy earwash dogs To my disappointment, buy earwash dogs my Nexus One showed up as a row of question marks, buy earwash dogs and the device was inaccessible. Running 'adb devices' from the command line, buy earwash dogs I basically got the same result:

$ adb devices
List of devices attached
????????????    no permissions
After some Googling, buy earwash dogs here's the fix I found: 1. Buy earwash dogs Create or modify the file /etc/udev/rules.d/99-android.rules to read:
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", buy earwash dogs ATTRS{idVendor}=="18d1", buy earwash dogs OWNER="user"
(where 'user' is your username). Buy earwash dogs '18d1' is the N1's vendor id. Buy earwash dogs It's different from HTC's (0bb4), buy earwash dogs even though HTC is the manufacturer. Buy earwash dogs Some other vendor id's are listed here, buy earwash dogs but the N1 isn't mentioned. 2. Buy earwash dogs Kill the adb server if it's running:
adb kill-server
3. Buy earwash dogs Restart udev:
sudo restart udev
4. Buy earwash dogs Restart the adb server:
adb start-server
5. Buy earwash dogs On your Nexus One, buy earwash dogs make sure usb debugging is enabled (Settings -> Applications -> Development) and connect the phone to your computer. 6. Buy earwash dogs Your N1 should now show up if you run 'adb devices':
$ adb devices
List of devices attached 
HT061P800144	device
Instructions found elsewhere on the web may tell you to put 'MODE="0666" in the rules file created in step 1, buy earwash dogs in stead of OWNER="user". Buy earwash dogs That will also work, buy earwash dogs but you'll need to start the adb server as root (sudo adb start-server). Since it's never a good idea to run stuff as root, buy earwash dogs I prefer the solution mentioned above. Buy earwash dogs The only drawback is that you'll need to specify the user that'll have access to the device. Buy earwash dogs I'm fine with that, buy earwash dogs since I wouldn't want other people messing around with my phone anyway. (I'm running Ubuntu 10.4, buy earwash dogs but these instructions should work on other distro's as well.)