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Twitter recently introduced a new tweet notification on it's home page. Buy no rx fosamax A yellow notification bar will tell you the number of new tweets that have popped up in your friends' timeline since you last refreshed the page. New Tweets Notification Bar If you're a Firefox user like me, buy no rx fosamax and you find the new notification bar distracting, buy no rx fosamax it's quite easy to get rid of. Buy no rx fosamax Just find your user style sheet (it's called userContent.css, buy no rx fosamax and it's located in the chrome folder inside your Firefox profile folder), buy no rx fosamax and add the following lines of code:

@-moz-document domain( {
	div#new_results_notification {
		display: none !important;
If userContent.css doesn't exist, buy no rx fosamax just create it. Buy no rx fosamax Restart Firefox, buy no rx fosamax and the notification bar should be gone. Buy no rx fosamax You will still be able to see your unread tweet count in the page title, buy no rx fosamax though. (I wrote about userContent.css (in Dutch) when it was first introduced in 2005)